Exploring The Beauty of North Wales


North Wales is full of beauty. I have heard a lot about its places and history. All these forced me to visit the area. Here is what I found in North Wales. Conwy Castle It is one of the main castles in North Wales. Children wish to see the castle in person when they hear stories of dragons and princesses. Conwy Castle is no less than a castle of the fairy-tale. It is a Welsh…

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Best Travel Hacks


Traveling gives you the chance to get a break from the everyday life. It can last from a week to a long vacation. Now, traveling has become easier because of cost and transport. You can have dinner in one country and go to sleep in another country. Wake up and have breakfast in another country. People love to travel with their friends and family, or just alone. You get a new perspective of the world.…

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I am Sandi Piperhols, and I made this website to share my travel blogs with you. You may be curious to know why I would choose the life of being a travel blogger. There are so many reasons why people become travel bloggers. I became a travel blogger because I want to share my experience with my friends and family. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is found everywhere, so it is not a mind-numbing task to post blogs.…

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