I am Sandi Piperhols, and I made this website to share my travel blogs with you. You may be curious to know why I would choose the life of being a travel blogger. There are so many reasons why people become travel bloggers. I became a travel blogger because I want to share my experience with my friends and family. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is found everywhere, so it is not a mind-numbing task to post blogs.

It all began when I started to travel. My blogs are only about traveling. If you read my blogs, you will surely enjoy. I try to give valuable advice and details for a safe tour. If you did not know about a place, after reading my blogs you will get to know about it. You know that the whole world is our audience when you are a travel blogger. I met other travel bloggers on my journey, and now we are good friends. Being a blogger, I learned a lot. Lastly, I write blogs for myself. I love writing.

Traveling is a great thing. It gives an opportunity to meet other people, see new things and eat new foods. Being a traveler, I learned many languages. I got to visit places I never imagined. The sceneries I saw are beautiful. I felt like the road should never finish. I am an adventurous travel eater, and I like to eat anything I get served. Foods that I came across includes live octopus with the cut tentacles still shaking, roasted grasshoppers, wines and weird bird meat. I got to know about other cultures. I got to learn a lot about history. I learned more history from traveling more than I learned from school. If you are a traveler, you must love water. I visited places full of water. There was water falling. I enjoyed the sound of the water. The best part is, I love to dress up like a local. I think being a travel blogger is fun! I got the opportunity to see hills, castles, rivers, seas, beaches, trails and many other things.

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